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Terms and Conditions 
"Miss Berni SpA"

This agreement that regulates the terms and conditions, applies to all operations carried out on the“the site”) ​​y to all transactions associated with the contracting of services offered by “Miss Berni Spa” (the company). By entering the site and contracting the services, the user or client is accepting all the terms and conditions described below:

FIRST. The user or client will keep any information confidential, to the extent that it is not in the public domain, and that they receive from "Miss Berni Spa", from the moment they contract the services, forcing themselves not to disclose it to third parties in any way. , and not use it for any other purpose that is not strictly linked to the aforementioned services. The information provided during the execution of the consultancy and  other services will be the exclusive property of "Miss Berni Spa". 

SECOND. The user or client undertakes to maintain absolute confidentiality on everything related to the advice and, in general, any service provided by the company, without being able to disseminate any information, whether in physical, oral, electronic format or by any other means. The advice and other services are unique, personal and non-transferable, and are delivered based on the information presented by the user or client. Everything delivered by "Miss Berni Spa" is considered confidential information, the information to which the user or client has access and any other commercial, investment, advertising, marketing and general or particular interest matter that may harm the interests of " Miss Bernie Spa”. The confidentiality regulated in this agreement is an essential element of the advice and other services provided by "Miss Berni Spa", and the user or client agrees to it for a period of three years after the termination of the corresponding advice.

THIRD. It is expressly stated that the company cannot guarantee the employment of any user or client advised or to which it has provided any service. The foregoing depends exclusively on third parties outside the company.

ROOM. In the event that the user or client is hired by any of the institutions that "Miss Berni Spa" recommended or informed in its consultancy, the user or client agrees to pay an amount equivalent to 3% of the total annual remuneration that receives by virtue of his contract or for any other cause by that institution. This obligation will be enforceable and will accrue from the moment the user or client receives the first payment of the remuneration from the institution to which they entered to provide services and must be paid to "Miss Berni Spa" in a single installment, within the 10 following days through its official payment channels described in the Sixth clause. In the case of arrears or simple delay in the indicated payment, an interest of 1.5% per month will accrue on the amount owed. Likewise, the breach or delay of this term implies the loss of the right to future services by "Miss Berni Spa".

FIFTH. The user or client at the time of signing the contract with an institution  recommended or informed in the advice of "Miss Berni Spa", agrees to stay for at least 1 academic year and has not waived said contract before the indicated time. In the event that the user or client wishes to terminate their contract early, they must also pay the sum equivalent to 3% of the total annual remuneration offered by said institution, under the same conditions indicated in the Fourth clause above, and it will remain excluded from the “Miss Berni Spa” program. 

SIXTH. The user or client must pay the commission agreed in the preceding Fourth clause, through the online payment platform "PayPal" or "Mercado Pago". The user or client agrees to comply with the terms and conditions of use of said payment platforms. 

SEVENTH. It is strictly prohibited for the user or client to carry out any recruitment activity or function on behalf of the institution where they provide services, either directly or indirectly. If it is determined that the user or client has engaged in such conduct, they agree to pay a fine of 50 UTM to "Miss Berni Spa". Likewise, the user or client undertakes to hold "Miss Berni Spa" and its legal representatives harmless from any damage, cost, expense, responsibility or sanction that may derive from their conduct or actions during the execution of their employment contract.

EIGHTH. This agreement that establishes the terms and conditions and that are  accepted by users or clients, are governed by the laws of the Republic of Chile and any controversy that arises in relation to it, will be resolved by arbitration, in accordance with the Regulations of the Arbitration Center of the Chamber of Commerce of Santiago AG and an arbitrator will be appointed from among the members of the arbitral body of the aforementioned Center. 

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